Food products can now be certified as Climate Friendly®
With our Climate Friendly® certification, farmers can now be recognised for their efforts in reversing the effects of climate change. As a conscious consumer – you are now empowered to shop more sustainably. We make it easier to identify environmentally-friendly foods and support eco-farmers that are farming ‘for our future’.

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Carbon Friendly

Our Mission is to support farmers on their sustainability journey – we measure how much they reduce their impact on the environment and help communicate their story to the concerned consumer.

In terms of sustainability, our focus is on climate change – we determine how farmers can reduce their impact on the environment by adapting their practices, and thereby able to supply Climate Friendly® products to the market place – doing their bit for climate change.

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In reality, we already have a new ‘more sustainable’ category of food on the shelves, but just not formalised. We have a communication gap between the concerned consumer and the responsible grower – the only choice consumers have is organic or conventional/non-organic, although there are ‘climate friendlier’ products from these eco-focussed growers, if only they could identify their products.

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Climate Friendly

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We undertake carbon footprint assessments of crops and farms, and associated packing/processing facilities. We also have extensive experience with cattle properties and feedlot carbon footprints.

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