Generate Carbon Credits with Carbon Friendly

As opposed to carbon offsets, where an organisation pays for projects that generate carbon credits by capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide, normally external to its business environment; carbon insets are when an organisation invests in the implementation of sustainable practices within its own supply chain that sequester carbon, and they can then offset their own emissions with these carbon credits.

To combine the benefits of carbon offsets and carbon insets, we have now created CiC’sTM (Carbon Inset Credits) as a unique tradeable carbon instrument where the retailer/processor acquires verified carbon credits from their supplying farmers to offset their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, or pass them on to their consumers to offset their own private footprint.

We believe an ideal solution to incentivise and reward the farmer, and give formal recognition to what they have achieved in regenerating their farm. Where a carbon offset is 1 ton CO2e, a CiC is 1 kg CO2e, expressed per saleable unit of production. Each carbon assessment is third party verified by AUS-QUAL, a leading certifying body in Australia.

CiC’s = Carbon Inset Credits TM


  • Retailers now have a mechanism whereby they can practically demonstrate their commitment for the sustainability of their supply chain through the certificates, and thereby reduce their own emissions or enabling their customers to do so.
  • Farmers can now be incentivised to specifically focus and invest in improving their soil carbon levels, with the potential big impacts on climate change. Improved soil health will provide them with multiple other cropping benefits.
  • Consumers now have a pathway to personally ‘make a difference’ in reducing the effects of climate change by buying the CiC’s from those farmers in the video and ‘co-investing’ to support those practices.
  • Retailers can attract more traffic as consumers will start seeking CiC products to neutralize their own impacts.
  • Trading Carbon Inset Credits between supply chain partners does not require the same level of verification as offset credits and makes implementation more scalable and cost effective.
  • A win for all!

CiC’s – The Steps


Farms are allocated with CiC’s

Carbon emissions of crop are calculated per kg of product.

Credits are allocated in the form of CiC’s per unit and 3rd party verified certificate issued.


Farmers sell CiCs to retailers

Farmers can sell CiC’s with certificate to retailers or to third parties separate from their crop.


Retailers own CiC’s

Retailers can use CiC’s to offset own emissions


Retailers can pass on CIC’s to consumer with product with certified logo.


Consumer offset own emissions

Consumers can collect CiC’s via an APP to offset their own emissions or assign them to a project.


– 2021 SWEET CORN –

By implementing no-till practices at their Bowen sweet corn farm – the Mulgowie Farming Company sequestered 521 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere into their soil during the 2021 cropping season, in addition to offsetting their own emissions.

Compared to their 2018 crop, they reduced the emissions related to the production of their sweet corn by sequestering -213 kg of CO2e per tonne of sweet corn in 2020.

That means for every 1 kilogram of sweet corn they produce, there are 0.21 CiC’s (Carbon Inset Credits) attached.

Mulgowie Farming Company