Greenhouse Gas Emissions Model

Carbon Friendly has developed a unique GHG emissions simulation model that compares the carbon footprint of the farm’s base year crop against the current crop that is being marketed. The base year was when the farmer introduced the new practices.  This data is generated and displayed independently by the software model based on that crop’s data, and the grower is not able to amend or generate the outcome improvement him or herself.

The uniqueness of the mechanism is that it communicates the grower’s own progress, without comparing it to other products on the shelf – thereby declaring: I am concerned, I am measuring, and I am continuously improving the sustainability levels of my crops.

The scientific basis and methodology of the carbon footprint model are based on proven and published scientific research studies, inter alia, written by Dr Francois Visser (from Carbon Friendly Pty Ltd).  The methodology is based on the international GHG Protocol carbon accounting standard and calibrated, inter alia, in accordance with the IPCC guidelines.

sample report

How we collect the data

We provide the farmer with a user-friendly template to collect initial data and then do a physical site visit to provide further inputs and verify the data before uploading it into the assessment model.

Consulting service

Carbon Friendly also provides a consulting service to growers on how alternative practices will improve their environmental outcomes.

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