Francois Visser – Founder/ CEO

Dr Francois Visser holds an MCom, MBA, and PhD in Environmental Science / Sustainable
Agriculture. He developed world-leading IP in agricultural carbon accounting with a unique
consumer communication interface application.

Francois is recognized nationally and internationally for his innovative approach to agri carbon accounting, whereby farmers are incentivised to improve the sustainability levels of their crops by measuring and communicating the reduction of their carbon emissions to the consumer. He has extensive experience in working within the agricultural industry to support farmers to adapt their farming practices to reduce the effects of climate change. Francois has worked in Australia, the UK, South Africa and Malaysia where he has developed carbon management software programs for various industries including cotton, beef, rubber, palm oil, and a wide range of horticultural crops.

Francois is a passionate environmental scientist and also the owner of Native Beeings, a boutique native bee farming enterprise, manufacturing the world’s first commercial native bee propolis extracts.

Network of Associates

Going Sustainable has developed a close and diverse network of collaborators including agronomists, scientists, research assistants and industry consultants and professionals who all assist and contribute to delivering these services that support our enviro-friendly farmers.

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