World’s First End-To-End Solution For Sustainable Food Production

Food products can now be certified as Carbon Friendly®. With our Carbon Friendly® certification, farmers can now be recognised for their efforts in reversing the effects of climate change.

In reality, we already have a new ‘more sustainable’ category of food on the shelves, but just not formalised.  The only choice consumers currently have is organic or conventional/non-organic, although there are ‘more sustainable’ food products from Carbon Friendly® growers. By using our unique sustainability mark and QR code system on food products, conscious consumers can now identify sustainably produced food, supporting our farmers who are ‘farming for our future’

Farmers can be rewarded for their sustainability efforts by trading their carbon credits. Retailers, institutions, or individuals can now buy certified, Ground TruthTM carbon credits from our Carbon Friendly® farmers to offset their emissions.

Certification standard

Our Mission

is to support farmers on their sustainability journey by scientifically measuring how much they reduce their impact on the environment.

We add value to eco-friendly producers by providing them with two value propositions as recognition for their sustainable practices:

  • A certification that guarantees that the crop has been sustainably produced, with an accompanying sustainability mark
  • Certified carbon credits that can be traded within the supply chain, or sold to third parties.

The Carbon Friendly® certification aims to support farmers to expand sustainable farming practices, but also to encourage other farmers to transition to becoming more sustainable producers by improving their soil health and reducing their Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG).

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Our Core Expertise

We undertake Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions & Removal assessments of food and fibre production systems and associated packing/processing facilities. We also have extensive experience with cattle properties and feedlot carbon footprints.

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