The Carbon Friendly® Certification Standard

Our Carbon Friendly® Certification Standard (CFAS IP AUST 2110771) is a globally accredited certification system developed and managed by Carbon Friendly® Pty Ltd. This voluntary standard is developed in compliance with the ISO14064-2 Standard for GHG emission reduction and removal assessments of agricultural production systems.

The Carbon Friendly® Certification Standard is one of the first food sustainability standards globally, to become the established benchmark for assessing and communicating the climatic impacts of food products in the marketplace.

Why Carbon Friendly® Certification?

Carbon Friendly® certifies crops where producers have made a commitment to sustainable farming practices. The aim of the certification is to encourage farmers to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) and acknowledge farmers that have already adopted sustainable farming practices. GHG reduction measures in the agriculture industry play a substantial role in mitigating the effects of climate change – with enough farmers adopting sustainable farming practices, the effects of climate change can be reversed.

What is Certified Climate Friendly

What Does Carbon Friendly® Certification Mean to:

For the Farmer

The Farmer

Our Carbon Friendly® certification recognises farmers for their contribution in reducing their impact on climate change. We acknowledge eco-minded farmers that have committed to more sustainable practices, and who are ‘farming for our future’. Farmers are now able to track their own progress – they are audited on a regular basis and our team of agronomists/scientists provide advice for continual improvement.

Along with our sister company, Carbon Friendly Solutions, we help our farmers to reap the benefits of farming more sustainably. Here we provide a platform where their carbon credits can be traded and help them share their sustainability journey.

For the Retailer

The Retailer

Retailers are becoming more focused on sustainability. Carbon Friendly® certification provides retailers with the opportunity to differentiate between sustainably produced foods and their traditional counterparts. With more consumers wanting retailers to help them shop more sustainably and favouring food retailers that care for the environment, our certification provides retailers with a competitive edge by satisfying the needs of enviro-conscious consumers.

For the Consumer

For The Consumer

Conscious consumers can shop for sustainable foods with our Carbon Friendly® certification. The consumer can now see where and how the product was produced and choose to support farmers who are committed to reversing the effects of climate change. Our certification provides transparency and traceability.

Climate Friendly® Certification Standard

When Can I Become Carbon Friendly®Certified?

A production system can become certified Carbon Friendly® if there has been a reduction in GHG emissions per unit of production between the base year and assessment year.

Production systems showing net sequestration of carbon (GHG emission reduction or removal is larger than the emissions), is certified as Carbon Friendly® with credits.