Farmer Consultation

Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our team members to discuss your operation and current or planned sustainability programme.

Engagement Agreement

You will receive a formal Engagement Agreement stating the Carbon Friendly audit terms and costs following your first consultation.

Data Template

A user-friendly online data template will be provided to capture relevant data required to do the sustainability assessment.


Our Carbon Friendly auditors will review and assess your data against the Carbon Friendly® Agricultural Standard – Find out more about our methodology

Review Results with Farmer

Results will be benchmarked to our Carbon Friendly database or the historic outcomes of your farm and discussed with you.


Each Carbon Friendly certification audit is verified by agencies such as Control Union and AUS-QUAL.

Compliance Certificate and Report

Following third-party verification, a Carbon Friendly® Certificate of Compliance stating the audit outcome is issued to the farmer, which enables the application of the unique sustainability mark. This certificate is valid for 12-months from date of issue. The compliance certificate is also the basis for a Ground-Truth® carbon credits certificate (if compliant) to enable the trading of their credits on the Carbon Friendly Solutions platform.