The Carbon Friendly Team

Dr Francois Visser

Dr. Francois Visser


  • PHD in Carbon Accounting in Agri Supply Chains, MSc in Agricultural Economics, MBA
  • Expert knowledge of GHG Climate Impact Assessments for food and fibre production and regenerative farming systems, carbon offset and inset modelling and sustainable supply chain solutions. Organic farmer for 10 years
Quan Nguyen

Dr. Quan Nguyen

Head Scientific and Strategic Development

  • PhD in Soil Fertility & Quality, MSc. Animal Sci. & Vet Medicine
  • Expert knowledge of GHG emissions and Natural Capital Accounting, Scope 1 & 3 mitigation strategies, Carbon and Nitrogen modelling, Life Cycles Assessment (LCA) of agricultural production systems, Net-Zero Science Based Targets (SBT) and supply chain solutions

Ms Mariki Visser

COO and Head of Carbon Project Development

  • Qualified Accountant
  • Experienced Commercial Manager and Entrepreneur with expert knowledge of Carbon Market Project Management, including Verra and Gold Standard listings
Majella Mumford

Dr. Majella Mumford

Senior Sustainability Analyst

  • PhD in Environmental Science
  • Expert knowledge of GHG emissions accounting and assessment for agricultural production systems and the food and fibre supply chain. Experienced in ISO14064-2, Verra and Gold Standard registrations

Ms Maike Loots

Head Business Development

  • MSc. in Natural and Agricultural Sciences, BSc. in Agriculture
  • Executive experience in corporate agricultural business, focussing on sustainable system intensification and development. Expert knowledge of GHG emissions assessments, optimisation of data management systems and stakeholder communication services

Dr Ian Duvenage

Sustainability Analyst

  • PhD in Sustainable Development
  • Extensive international experience implementing and assessing sustainable agriculture systems and environmental programs, evaluating risk, developing business resilience opportunities and mitigating climate change

Ms Gayathri Rajagopal

Research and Development Manager

  • MSc in Agribusiness, BSc in Agricultural Science
  • Extensive experience in horticultural production system and supply chain GHG emission assessment, including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and related scientific modelling, as well as grower engagement in technology-adoption, soil health and carbon accounting

Dr Hafiz Ilyas

Sustainability Analyst

  • Qualified Agricultural Engineer with PhD in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development
  • Expert knowledge of the GHG Protocol and related climate change methodologies, with extensive experience in GHG emissions assessment for agribusinesses and agricultural production systems

Network of Associates

Carbon Friendly has developed a close and diverse network of collaborators including agronomists, scientists, research assistants and industry consultants and professionals who all assist and contribute to delivering these services that support our enviro-friendly farmers.

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More about Carbon Friendly®

Carbon Friendly® officially started its operations in the 2020/2021 financial year and achieved an annual turnover of $196 434

Main income sources were from Sustainability Assessment Audits and consultancy services