The Carbon Friendly® Team

Dr Francois Visser

Dr. Francois Visser

Founder/ CEO

Dr Francois Visser holds an MCom, MBA, and PhD in Environmental Science / Sustainable Agriculture. He developed world-leading IP in agricultural carbon accounting with a unique consumer communication interface application.

Francois is recognized nationally and internationally for his innovative approach to agri carbon accounting, whereby farmers are incentivised to improve the sustainability levels of their crops by measuring and communicating the reduction of their carbon emissions to the consumer. He has extensive experience in working within the agricultural industry to support farmers to adapt their farming practices to reduce the effects of climate change. Francois has worked in Australia, the UK, South Africa and Malaysia where he has developed carbon management software programs for various industries including cotton, beef, rubber, palm oil, and a wide range of horticultural crops.

Francois is a passionate environmental scientist and also the owner of Native Beeings, a boutique native bee farming enterprise, manufacturing the world’s first commercial native bee propolis extracts.

Mariki Visser

Co-founder/ COO

Mariki is a qualified accountant and experienced executive manager. As General Manager and co-founder, she provides strategic leadership and is responsible for the company’s operational and administrative management.

Mariki has extensive experience in the management of diverse and complex organisations. Her experience includes being the co-owner and production manager of a sophisticated 24/7 fresh food processing facility, supplying major retailers and managing 400 staff in South Africa. Recently she was the executive manager of four Veterinary Teaching Hospitals at the University of Queensland, managing 80 staff including veterinary specialists and GPs; and currently also the CEO and co-founder of a Native Bee start-up that manufactures and exports propolis and honey related products globally.

Majella Mumford

Dr. Majella Mumford

Sustainability Analyst

Majella grew up on the family farm in Australia’s fertile Tweed Valley. While studying for a bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Geo-Science at the Queensland University of Technology, she discovered her passion lay in soil health and agriculture. This led Majella to undertake postgraduate study in agroecology, with her PhD examining the potential for irrigation management to improve fertiliser use efficiency and decrease greenhouse gas emissions from dairy pastures. This scientific background and related work experience have provided Majella with expert knowledge in carbon accounting. Majella is motivated by the belief that farmers should be rewarded for enviro-friendly management practices – ensuring that primary production is both environmentally responsible and profitable for farmers.”

Quan Nguyen

Dr. Quan Nguyen

Senior Sustainability Analyst

Quan is a passionate Agri-Environmental Scientist with more than 10 years of experience working in intensive and extensive climate change mitigation strategies for agriculture, and committed to improving the sustainability of the Australian agri-food industry, in a manner that rewards the farmers and satisfies the consumers’ environmental concerns.

Quan earned his PhD. in Soil Fertility and Soil Health Management from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark in 2018, and an MSc. in Animal Studies from The University of Queensland in 2012. His expertise in agricultural carbon and nitrogen cycle modelling contributed significantly to the identification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction pathways for livestock, crops, and renewable energy systems in Vietnam, Denmark, and Australia. Quan’s most recent work focused on the Life Cycle Impacts Assessment (LCA) modelling and carbon footprint accounting for various Australian agricultural production systems and supply chains such as cotton, wool, lambs, beef, dairy, eggs, and chicken.

Maike Loots

Sustainability Assessment Coordinator

Maike has extensive experience in the macadamia industry, having worked for major producers/processors in South Africa and Australia, in particular in the sustainability environment, including production and processing. She obtained her MSc. in Agricultural Science, and based in Bundaberg, Maike is responsible for the Wide Bay region in particular, but also has a broader focus on business development for the Group. Growing up on their family farm, Maike is excited to be a part of this new era of climate friendly agriculture, and looking forward to actively contribute to more sustainable food Production.

Network of Associates

Carbon Friendly® has developed a close and diverse network of collaborators including agronomists, scientists, research assistants and industry consultants and professionals who all assist and contribute to delivering these services that support our enviro-friendly farmers.

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More about Carbon Friendly®

Carbon Friendly® officially started its operations in the 2020/2021 financial year and achieved an annual turnover of $196 434

Main income sources were from Sustainability Assessment Audits and consultancy services